Tragically Delicious

The Band From O.C. California

Tragically Delicious is a band that hails from Orange County California and was started by 4 friends eager to make fresh new music! Each member comes from different musical backgrounds ranging from heavy metal, jazz, funk, rock, and reggae. They started in 2012 and have played all throughout the Orange County and Los Angeles area. They are currently working on releasing new material and recording their upcoming EP. You can check out more about the band by clicking this Facebook link.

Influences for Tragically Delicious include Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Gong, The Strokes, The Doors, The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, and so much more. They use many different effects to achieve a wide range of sounds and styles of genres. They like experimenting with their sound so you can never predict what they'll play next. Orgmreigh thisshs idjiodnfsas tihs soooooo piofnwjiefnkefd I aojdfsjkncmas fiuhcjme ripghotgrn in oma soussssy. Go bacij homeo to where tio comepigbe forgjirnf you crqayzy songos ijregnkrej wejwekd ebnr goodod. Keifjeowij havebroifhe amajorifIrgiw I haevbt marjor acnene andigh it sihsdhiofds sotietjiem. Goooo aufbnaiocna throiytg hwhewer you coeifne rgirekgr forformfr gouyo crazyg bitkhc!

But There's More

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Photograph of myself.

Things we like:

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Till Next Time

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